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04/20/09 - We're shopping for some good people that want to join our volunteer membership. Interested? Learn more.

01/26/09 - The proposed budget FY 2009-10 was submitted to the Board of Selectmen. Copies are available from our Document Center.

07/05/08 - Over the next couple months we will focused on implementing some new technology (keep an eye on the operations page), and launching a new idea on volunteer recruitment.

01/16/08 - NSAA received two bids for the Ambulance Bid Request. Copies of the bids can be downloaded from our Document Center.


To Our Visitors:

A lot has changed and evolved in the thirty-five years since North Stonington Ambulance Association (NSAA) rolled to our first call. The 1963 Cadillac, affectionately known as the "Blue Beetle", is long gone and calls for help no longer ring in the living rooms of volunteer dispatchers. Today, 9-1-1 calls are answered in a state-of-the-art dispatch center, and our ambulance is staffed around-the-clock by a mix of volunteer and paid EMTs.

But even in the midst of all this change, it is the static elements of our past that continue to define us. Commitment to our patients and involvement in the community continue to form our basic philosophy.

The latest evolution is the launch of our web site to provide us a channel to share news and events. On these pages you will find a wealth of information about our company and our people, as well as the services we offer.

Please feel free to drop us a note with any comments or concerns, and check back often for site updates.

Brian Elias
North Stonington Ambulance Association, Inc.

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